H O W  T O  U S E


Full-Leg Hock Boot

Full-Leg Ice Therapy Wraps:


Recommended for:

 * General Ice Treatment - for pain & swelling.

 * Daily health maintenance - on overworked legs to avoid injury.

 * Horse Rehab - reduce healing time due to injury.


Remove your Freedom Ice Wraps from package and place in freezer.

For maximum icing time the ice wrap should be completely frozen prior to use.

1. Undo straps, (with mesh fabric against horses body, open and place wrap over/around the treatment area (Wrap was designed to position center opening over the point of hock, knee or injury if needed for additional comfort.


2. Continue to wrap the ice wrap around horses leg extending and attach one of the middle elastic straps around leg and attach velcro to outside to opposite strap. This will help secure wrap in place when attaching additional straps.

3. Complete by attaching the remaining straps then tighten elastic straps for a perfect fit for your horse or for desired compression.  

Freedom Ice Wraps are designed to fit the unique shape of our horses legs unlike other equine ice boots or hock boots.


Note: You should always consult your veterinarian prior to applying compression.  

Freedom Lower Leg Ice Wrap

Lower-Leg Ice Therapy Wraps


Remove your Freedom Ice Wraps from the packaging and place in freezer.

For maximum icing time the ice wrap should be completely frozen prior to use. 

1. Undo straps, place wrap with mesh side against horse and with open flange area of ice wrap directly over the Proximal bone. 

Note: This creates a special fit for the hard to treat lower Suspensory Ligament, Flex-or Tendon, Fetlock Joint, over the Proximal Bones with coverage for the Coffin Joint.

2. Extend and attach the middle elastic straps first. This will secure the wrap in place.

3. Now extend and attach the bottom straps around the Pastern area and then the then the upper Splint bone area. 
Note: This ice wrap may also be applied one over the other for additional icing (when longer icing times are suggested by your veterinarian).