H O W  T O  U S E


Leg Ice Wrap, Knee Ice Wrap

Body Ice Therapy Wraps:

Use your Freedom Ice Wrap for any general icing needs of the body as shown in the illustrations below. This therapeutic ice wrap can be worn under or over clothing for immediate pain relief.


Remove your ice wrap from the package and place in freezer.

Ice Wrap should be completely frozen prior to use for maximum results.

1. Undo straps, open and place mesh side of the wrap against back or body area to be treated.


2. Extend each elastic strap around body and attach velcro to the outside of fabric. 

Note: Velcro adheres to fabric of the ice wrap when tension is applied to the straps.

Freedom Ice Wraps are safe, reusable and easy to use with no messing with water and/or ice.

Body Wrap .jpg