Remove your Freedom Ice Wrap from packaging and place in freezer or refrigerator depending on treatment desired.

For COOLING - ice wrap may be placed in refrigerator or freezer depending on temperature desired.

For general horse ICE THERAPY - ice wrap should be completely frozen prior to use for maximum icing results. 


1. Undo straps, open and place mesh side of the ice wrap against neck area.


2. Extend the two 17" elastic straps around horses neck and attach velcro to the outside fabric.

Veterinarians choice of icing needs for injections in the neck region. After intramuscular and intravenous vaccines the area can become inflamed. This 24" long ice wrap with 17" lightweight elastic straps was designed to fit secure and comfortably around the horses neck area. This Freedom Ice Wrap is also great for horse's leg and rider's back, arm, leg, & shoulder area for any general icing needs or horse rehab.

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