Lower-Leg Package= 2 Compression & 2 Ice Wraps (front & hind legs)

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The Complete Lower-Leg Treatment Package of Four Savings $15.00

  • Set of 2-Lower Leg Compression Ice Wraps:  Size 14" wide X 16" long
  • Set of 2-Extra Long Therapy Ice Wraps:  Size 14.5" wide X 15.5" long
  • Package Product Information:

    The Complete Lower-Leg Treatment:

    Set of 2-Lower Leg Compression Ice Wraps plus

    Set of 2-Extra Long Therapy Ice Wraps

    This product offers up to 50 minutes of cold treatment. This Complete Lower-Leg package offers maximum ice treatment for the lower leg region with one (Set of 2) Compression Ice Wraps for routine daily preventive care or that extra wanted treatment, plus a (Set of 2) Therapy Ice Wraps: perfect for any and all ice therapy need.

    *Area of use: cannon and splint bone with extra coverage for the fetlock, pastern and coffin joint areas. 

    *Both products are designed for application on the front or hind legs with safe mobility durning treatment.