Full-Leg Compression & Ice (Pair) Front & Hind Legs

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Full-Leg Compression Ice Wrap: Designed to offer extra support, extended Ice Therapy (up to 45 min. of cold therapeutic treatment) ,with added light Compression. Product Size: 22" max. width X 22.5" length with additional coverage for the hock area.

  • Freedom Ice Wrap Product Information:

    Freedom Ice Wrap This new unique contour design along with the adjustable strapping gives ice therapy along with light gental compression. This ice wrap/ice boot is designed to be used on both the front knee and also the back point of hock area allowing less pressure on sensitive injury areas unlike other hock boots/ice boots.

    -Newly designed to give your horse extended icing with up to (45 minutes) of cold therapeutic treatment.

    -Full coverage areas from the: gaskin, hock, knee, splint and lower cannon bone areas. 

    -Freedom Ice Wraps offer comfort and mobility so your horse can be walked during treatment. 

    -Use for general horse ice therapy, daily preventative maintenance on sore overworked joints or for required horse rehab treatment, etc.

    -No Mess, No filling pouches with water or ice, Reusable, Easy to use