Compression plus Ice Qty-1

Compression plus Ice Qty-1

Compression & Ice Therapeutic Treatment.  Designed for Rehab or Daily Prevenitive Care.  Product Size: 14" width X 16" length
  • Ice Wrap Product Information

    This Freedom Ice Wrap has full lower leg coverage for the cannon, splint bone, fetlock, pastern, coffin joints and even the difficult to reach coronet band. All Freedom Ice Wraps are designed to fit both the front and back legs of a horse.

    -Freedom ice wraps offer comfort along with mobility to walk your horse during treatment for any general horse ice therapy or horse rehab.

    -We make icing easier for you during daily preventive maintenance or any general icing treatment.

    -Our ice wraps are simple to use with no mess, no filling water or ice in pouches other equine ice boots or hock boots on the equine market.