Lower-Leg Compression (Set-4)Front & Hind Legs

Lower-Leg Compression (Set-4)Front & Hind Legs


The Complete Lower-Leg Treatment Package of Four - $20.00 Savings

  • 2 Sets of 2-Lower Leg Compression Ice Wraps 
  • Wrap Size: 14" wide X 16" long
  • Package Product Information:

    The Complete Lower-Leg Treatment:

    2 Sets of 2-Lower Leg Compression Ice Wraps

    This product offers up to 50 minutes of cold treatment. This Complete Lower-Leg package offers maximum ice treatment for the lower leg region. Compression Ice Wraps are great for any Ice Therapy Treatment (routine daily preventive care or that extra wanted treatment or rehab)

    *Area of use: cannon and splint bone with extra coverage for the fetlock, pastern and coffin joint areas. 

    *Freedom Leg Products are designed for application on the front or hind legs with safe mobility durning treatment.