Lower-Leg Ice Wrap Qty-1

Lower-Leg Ice Wrap Qty-1

Up to 50 minutes of Cold Therapeutic Treatment. Complete lower-leg coverage. Product Size:14.5" in width X 15.5" length
  • Ice Wrap Product Information

    Use this Freedom Ice Wrap on the full lower leg area. This NEW special design snug fit adds extra ice wrap coverage for the proximal bone, coronet, fetlock, pastern, and coffin joint areas along with the commonly needed treatment of the cannon and splint bone areas. All Freedom Ice Wraps are designed to fit both the front and back legs of a horse unlike other equine ice boots or hock boots used for horse ice therapy.

    -This product is a gentle and affordable way to offer any general horse ice therapy and assist with required horses rehab ice treatment.

    -No filling, No mess, Reusable, Easy to use

    -Give your horse the comfort and mobility he/she needs during horse rehab.

    -This product can be used on any size horse.