MINI Horse Ice Wraps (Pair) Front & Hind Legs

MINI Horse Ice Wraps (Pair) Front & Hind Legs

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Created specially for MINI's  Desgined to allow movement with a contour fit of: proximal bone, coronet, fetlock, pastern, coffin joint along with treatment up the MINI's lower-leg region of the cannon and splint bone. Freedom Ice Wraps are designed to fit both the front

Product Size 10.5" in width X 9.5" length


  • MINI Horse Ice Wrap Product Information

    Freedom Ice Wraps are designed to use on both the front and back legs of a MINI 

    -(35-45) minutes of gental Ice Treatment

    -No filling with water or ice, all in one ice boots, unlike other equine ice boots / ice wraps.

    -The mini wrap was desinged with a lighter fabric/velcro combination than our horse ice wraps for a gentle fit.  This will allow for light mobility (walking) durning ice treatment.