Back and Body Ice Wrap

Back and Body Ice Wrap

Use this Ice Wrap as cold therapeutic treatment for pain and injuries.
  • Ice Wrap Product Information:

    This 24" long Freedom Ice Wrap has lightweight elastic straps making it easy to get the desired compression needed.

    This ice wrap is great for back pain when riding, standing and even when seated at work or in your car.  Use your ice wrap across your back, shoulder, scapula, leg, foot, arm or across any area needing ice therapy and still maintain flexibility and movement during icing. 

    -This ice wrap may be worn over or under your clothing. 

    -We make icing easier for you during daily preventive maintenance or any general icing treatment.

    -Freedom ice wraps are simple to use with no mess, no filling water or ice in pouches unlike other ice wrap / ice boots / hock boots on the equine market. Just place in freezer and resue over and over.