Full-Leg Therapy Ice Wrap - Single Wrap

Full-Leg Therapy Ice Wrap - Single Wrap


This Freedom Ice Wrap was designed for the BACK HOCK & FRONT KNEE for your horse's ice therapy along with mobility.

  • Ice Wrap Product Information:

    Our Freedom Ice Wraps were designed to fit both your horse's front or hind leg areas unlike other equine ice boots / hock boots.  Use this ice wrap on areas such as the gaskin, hock, knee, splint & lower cannon bone areas for any general horse ice therapy or horse rehab.

    -The set of two Full-Leg Ice Wraps are great for icing two legs simultaneously or you may apply the ice wrap one over the other for additional maximum icing time (when suggested by your vet).

    -No filling with water or ice, No mess, Reusable, Easy to Use
    -Select the SM/Med wrap for small-large horses such as: Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods & Quarter Horses.
    -Select the Large ice wrap for extra hock ice wrapping coverage on any size horse or use for horses with extra large legs.